The Volunteer

For me, being a SERVANT is VITAL. This is why I give my time and life to entities that work to empower people. Some of my volunteer efforts include: Coatesville Area School Board, School Director, Chair of Student and Community Relations and Member of the Finance Committee.

Volunteerism and civic activism coincide with my Quaker beliefs, increase my humility and commitment to service, nurture my leadership abilities, and provide opportunities for me to participate in activities where similar-goaled women, with diverse approaches, create events that help to improve the lives of others. I smile when I think of women who, at the turn of the twentieth century, had the courage and vision to help establish almshouses, orphanages, schools, and training programs. Women like Memphian, Julia Hooks, and Chicagoan, Jane Addams created avenues for women to reach beyond their prescribed spheres through volunteerism. While women are not as restricted as they once were, volunteerism still helps us to reach for and to establish standards of expectations that are reflective of an inclusive society. Consequently, I joined the Junior League because there is education and community through their volunteerism and civic activism. And, the Junior League’s activities and mission embody what I stand for as a human and as a person who wants her life to count. As abolitionist and women’s rights activist Lucretia Mott once remarked, “I am no advocate to passivity.” And, well, the Junior League is not passive in volunteerism and neither am I.